Yet More Scopedog?

After I finished the last turbo custom from Bandai, I thought I was done with Scpoedogs. I have a Yamato 1/12 that I dissembled and was going to paint, and got a 1/8 Volks that I finally won via Y!JP auction. In the mean time Bandai offered this Lehman custom that I initially didn’t have… Continue reading Yet More Scopedog?

Wave 1/24 Rabidly Dog

My first Yahoo Japan auction came this rabidly dog from votoms. This apparently was sold through direct sales from be-j,Waves stores, circa 2011-2.  For whatever read RD was not a popular design and there were few kits of it in resin form, whereas Scopedog was a hit. In Votoms Chirico rode through the Quent desert… Continue reading Wave 1/24 Rabidly Dog

Adventures in casting

I’ve been inspired by the Meka Mania’s mod of the 1/24 scopedogs. In fact I was quite curious where his nice fists came from… and after getting the older Takara + resin release from Y!JP auction the puzzle was solved! They were the superior sculpts by Nomoto before they were replaced by the Wave junk… Continue reading Adventures in casting

Strike Dog

3993 Introduction Scale 1/24 Maker Max Factory Completed 9/18/01 Retail 6800yen Strikedog is the personal AT of da brat Ypsilon. The special thing about this AT is its claw on its left hand, which also hides a 9mm machine gun; in the show, this gun never runs out of ammo 🙂 I like the Strikedog… Continue reading Strike Dog


Introduction Scale 1/24 Maker Max Factory Completed 07/10/2005 Retail 7800yen See my blurb in the slide show 🙂 Kit Review This kit consists of both vinyl and resin parts. The vinyl parts are excellent, very sharp and crisp details. However the resin parts were horrible, waaaayyyy too many pinholes. The gun, the shoulder antennae, the… Continue reading Bloodsucker

Brutish Dog

Introduction Scale 1/24 Maker Wave/Takara Completed 02/04/02 Retail 3400yen “If you must ask, I will tell you, what I want is an ordinary life; if I can embrace this dream, if this heart can be content with reality, I will be happy. If you want an example, her name is Fyana, Fyana is my life,… Continue reading Brutish Dog