Reflect Cammy part 6

Just realized I missed part 5 😀 After weighing various options I bought small bottles of EasyCast clear resin for the water. The resin is very runny and takes a while to cure; I could still stir the mixture around after 6-7 hours. But I’m quite impressed how bubble-free the resulting cast is (unless I… Continue reading Reflect Cammy part 6

Reflect Cammy part 5

Having more or less done with the main figure, I’m making a small diorama base for Cammy-chan. The scene depicts Cammy have just done her daily ass-kicking and is relaxing a bit along a river side, dipping her feet in very shallow water. The base is the usual Celluclay fair, but this time in order… Continue reading Reflect Cammy part 5

Reflect Cammy part 4

Argh I think I’ve burned myself out last week doing marathon work on the Silent Mobius plaque. But after getting all the supplies I needed for Cammy this week I’m giving Cammy some due attention 🙂 I was waiting for her eyelashes to come; after seeing how they look on Reflect’s Rei, I think Cammy… Continue reading Reflect Cammy part 4

Reflect Cammy part 3

Did more corrective work on the Reflect Cammy, and now it’s painting time. She’ll be holding her Beret Cap on her right hand, and her unloaded boots will be lying somewhere on the floor.

Reflect Cammy part 2

Finally action resumes on Codyland where we left off, with un-nazi-rized Cammy. I’ve made a lot of changes in the past week, but it’s a hassle to take my camera out of the photo rig setup these days. Btw it’s a royal pain to upload multiple images with wordpress! I made two main changes from… Continue reading Reflect Cammy part 2

Un-nazi-rizing Cammy

I’ve spent most of the weekend resculpting Reflect’s Cammy. Here’re a couple of original buildups of her: This famous sculpt is great, except I’m not a fan of her Nazi uniform, so I’m changing her to adorn her original Delta Red outfit. In addition, she’s done with a fight and relaxing a bit, so she’s… Continue reading Un-nazi-rizing Cammy