Eureka Yurika!

Introduction Scale 1/8 Sculptor Keiko Maker Kurushima Completed 04/04 Parts 9 Retail 8800yen It’s summer time! In a light sea breeze, Yurika brushes her soft blue hair, ready for some water action. But the sun is so bright, even our lightly tanned heroin has to dodge its radiance. Yes it’s poor attempt at poetic writing… Continue reading Eureka Yurika!

Kisagari Honey (tennis)

Introduction   Scale 1/5.5 Sculptor Workshop Kobashi Maker Kurushima Completed 1/6/02 Parts 13 Retail 15000yen IMO, this is one of the best rendition of untransformed Honey. Her face is very nicely sculpted, but there’s something about her innocuous expression that makes the fan service cute! Her outfit was modeled after my research (ahem) on Anna… Continue reading Kisagari Honey (tennis)

Naru Narusegawa

  Introduction   Scale 1/8 Sculptor Cheri Maker Max Factory Completed 7/24/02 Parts 29 Retail 12800 Naru in her very sexy leaf bikini is sculpted by one of my favorite sculptor Cheri. So kawaii! I was trying to get her more tanned than Yurika and it took more than a few iterations to get it… Continue reading Naru Narusegawa

Aida Blanca

  Introduction Scale 1/6 Sculptor 近藤 貴之 Maker Apple Pie Completed 6/30/01 Parts 8 Retail 12800yen About Oni Coach the game: Oni Coach is yet another H-game among the sea of such. It is released in April 1999 by Apple Pie. This link takes you directly to the game’s info page. While I can figure… Continue reading Aida Blanca

Bloody Marie

Introduction Scale 1/8 Sculptor ? Maker SOL Completed 10/98 Parts {parts} Retail $31 Even though this is one of my earliest figure kits, I still think it is one of my most beloved. The kit has so many facets – with the cape she’s very cool, stringing it back after having her enemy slain; without… Continue reading Bloody Marie

Yun Tze-yen

Introduction Scale 1/6 Sculptor 近藤 貴之 Maker Apple Pie Completed 6/10/01 Parts 8 Retail 12800yen Somebody explain to me why she’s in this attention *grabbing* (pun intended) pose? Her name is Yun Tze-Yen (literally means Cloud violet flame – I use a different romanization than the package), violet gear of Team Omega in the game… Continue reading Yun Tze-yen

Blue Mary – King of Fighters – 1/8 – resin figure

If you think this looks like some sort of commercial, it probably is Introduction Scale 1/8 Sculptor Yukishiro Maker Yukishiro Completed 8/10/03 Parts 11 Retail 9000yen What can I say… just a simple WOW. With my love for dynamic poses, I was immediately impressed by her. To be honest, I had been very disappointed by… Continue reading Blue Mary – King of Fighters – 1/8 – resin figure

Mina Majikana – Samurai Spirits – 1/6 resin figure

Mina is serious about kicking her enemies’ asses! Her cold stare is matched by her cold surroundings. But the happy sidekick Champuru is just tagging along for a joy ride! For details on the modifications, see Making of Mina. The original figure was fantastic, so the mods this time are to increase the dynamism, which… Continue reading Mina Majikana – Samurai Spirits – 1/6 resin figure

Jun Kusakabe

  Introduction   Scale 1/5 Sculptor Nonomura Hideki (?) Maker RSB Completed 9/1/03 Parts 13 Retail 12000yen Jun Kusakabe is a character from the popular G-taste series. She’s a female police officer who always do the nasties with her girlfriend Kawamura Sayuri… ok that’s enough ^_^;; In general I’m not a very big fan of… Continue reading Jun Kusakabe