Ibuki ikimasu!!




Ibuki! Ikimasu!

Ibuki is one of the street fighter 3 character. I love female ninjas and the character design of her is just great. The pose of the kit is very nicetoo. Did I also mention her gravity defying hair is way cool?

I wasn’t able to get name of the sculptor, if anyone knows please let me know.

Kit Review Seam lines: 3/5 Pinholes:4/5 Casting:4/5 Fit: 3/5 Part Break: 3/5 Help

This kit is rather special in that you can choose to build 3 different configurations: The minimal clothing like I did, or with pants on, or with pants and top on. The pants are cast as separate pieces so that you can put them on or off, but eventually I didn’t build the pants because you can’t really put them on and off without scratching some paint, what a shame. There is a separate upper body piece with the top. I didn’t find a way to build her as a figure with interchangeable pieces.The minimal clothing option I build is the most difficult, since the upper and lower body just don’t align at all, and a lot of work has to be done. This is a shame too since otherwise the fit of the kit is very good.

BuildingThis is really not an easy kit to build. I also didn’t think the proportion works – in the original kit, her waist was too short and she looked a bit weird. So I first pinned the upper and lower body and leave a gap of about 5-10mm. Then I fill it with Mori Mori and cover with SSP-HG for the gap. The reason I did this is because Mori Mori is cheaper but it’s not too strong, so it’s good for volume filling, but SSP-HG is much stronger and is good for support. Finally I sculpted in the belly line and little bit of muscle structures in the waist and she was ready to be primed.

I used very heavy drybrushing on her to create a rough texture on her clothing. Her face was great but there is a bit of problem with the “eye pocket” underneath her left eye. She looks drugzzed if I accentuate it, so I reversed the shading to reduce the effect of it, and seems to work.

The base was something I picked up in Hong Kong. They’re sold as prepainted polystone-cast diorama with a wooden base. I’m running out of bases quick so I saved the wooden base for other kits, and simply mount Ibuki on the dead forest, where she always fight her opponents.

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