Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed






Lacus is one Gundam female protagonist that I like a lot; she’s really strong, and actually performs some useful functions in the story 🙂

This dress is one of her stage dress, which as usual is very revealing ^_^;; The patterns on the dress are rather tedious to stencil, but I enjoyed hand painting the laces on the body suit. I replaced the resin ribbons on her dress with wired sheer, which looks much softer and flexible than the resins. Originally I thought of using acetate sheets, but turns out they didn’t bend to heat as well as I thought. Haro was painted with flourescent pink if it looks a bit glowing :mrgreen:


  1. OMG :shock:, I have just read your email and checked your links. She’s so beautiful :razz:. Of course I like her.
    I really wanted her but I didn’t expect a so great job.
    I watched too your details photos. Now, I’m pretty sure, you’re the best figure modeller :evil:.
    I have already your Misato from Eva Movie, and I know you did a good work. Can’t wait to receive my Lacus Clyne ^^ 😎

  2. OMG 😯 ! I read your email and I clicked on your links. I’m so impressed, very detailed :razz:. I prefer your ribbons 😉 than the resin ribbons selling with the resin kit :sad:.
    Cody, you know I don’t like so much flowers :roll:, Lacus love them and I really like your works about base flowers.

  3. Nice to see that you’re back, Cody 🙂

    Lacus is adorable. The dress looks really amazing! The floral patterns and that sheer lace ribbon really brings her to life. A superb job, as always 😀

  4. Gorgeous! The patterns look incredible! (insert “we’re not worthy” icon here). I’m still wondering how you are going to move all your stuff :mrgreen:

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