Fixing Four

I’ve been working on and off doing fixes to Four Murasame that I posted a few weeks ago. Apparently a combination of factors made some people think that the shape of her breasts weren’t right, in that they were cone-shaped and didn’t flow smoothly from the chest. After investingating a bit, I think the problem lies with the kit’s sculpt. It seems there are odd grooves above her breasts, and I think when I started working on her a long time ago I’ve spotted it and thought something was wrong, but has since then forgotten about it. So I did some filling…


The shading of the area, and my photography setup also contributed to this problem. So after fixing all these things, I think I can finally lay her to rest 🙂

To be honest I didn’t really like the lighting I had in my previous batch of photos; it didn’t have that special soft touch. It’s more like my older pics taken with sunlight, with the scene well-lit everywhere but lacking soft shadows. So I experimented a lot and found one that works well albeit not perfect. I think I really need a second flash at times like this, sigh.


  1. I didn’t see what some others may have seen. Her chest looks okay to me. But you may have already shot a whole other round of photos for the gallery section. If not, I can’t see what you’ve described as a deformed breast shape.

    I do agree that the photo lighting washed out some of the details though. Maybe concentrating some of the light on one side or coloring it a little could help. Otherwise, every curve looks good to me 🙂

  2. Thanks 🙂 This batch of pics is already the fixed version. I should really have posted the original version so that people know what I’m talking about… 🙄

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