Four Murasame on Bed

After messing around with lights I’ve finally taken the batch of pics for Four. I now see why photograher needs two sets of lights, one for backfill and one for “above”. I used to take pics lacking the backfill, instead used reflectors for those. Works for smaller kits, but once I get to bigger kits or “deeper” kits like Four, I couldn’t get light to where I wanted. In Four’s case, I had trouble getting light on her face. In this batch I switched the light source to the backfill position, and while the pics looks very well-lit and nice, it’s lacking that special touch somehow.

Here‘s the description of the kit, and here‘s the WIP – I’m going to use the blog posts as WIP pages from now on, very convenient.
I’ve also made a couple of wallpapers.



Another version




  1. She looks awesome πŸ™‚ I really like her subtle makeup and the stray hairs. Small details make all the difference! The stockings are a nice touch as well.

    And that is one posh bed she’s got. It looks so confortable and poofed up πŸ˜†

  2. Fantastic buildup (as usual :mrgreen:) The new photo setup seems to be working well and the dio turned out great ^^ I’m so glad to see the green fabric gone – may it rest in peace :mrgreen:

  3. Thanks! I’ve gotten some comments about her breasts being odd, guess I overlooked a couple of strange things in the original sculpt. πŸ˜₯

    I’ll post a fixed version later.

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