Full Armor Unicorn MG 1/100

This was one of the big kits I built last year, but I had to wait for the couple of Armor DE before I could complete it. Now that the PG Unicorn is out with the Full Armor add on, I want the MG version to look different, and the Armor DE was a perfect fix for that. Its massive size is also more suitable for the name Full Armor.
DSC_5561 DSC_5529

Anyway this was the 4th MG unicorn I’ve built so it’s gotten a bit boring. I had some serious disaster with enamel wash melting the plastic, the gatling guns were in pieces… alas. managed to put them back together though. Also I treated this as a fixed pose kit… really how the heck do you play with all that frigging armaments attached to the beast? Moreover the shoulders are not going to be able to hold all that weapons! So I just superglued the shoulders to this final configuration. I actually wanted the beam javelin to go in as well (it can!), but while I could manage to do that with the regular shield, it failed with the Armor DEs so bye javelin. I didn’t like it that much anyway :-/
DSC_5549-2I played with the photography a bit this time. The clear green plastic responded to the blacklights as I’ve tried before with my Nu Gundam, so it gets a couple of seconds of black light exposure here. But I also tapped my lens lightly to make it slightly diffused, which looks more like it’s glowing. I love it. DSC_5557 DSC_5559 DSC_5559-2



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