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HobbyLink Japan
Located in Japan. Really popular online retailer for common GKs and plastic kits.
Dixie Art Supplies
They have very competitively priced art supplies - artist oils, airbrushes, airbrush supplies and compressors. Free shipping with order over $45. I often buy Iwata airbrush replacements from them.
Located in Japan. Rainbow 10 has a list of goods in stock so you know what's in stock and not. I buy a lot of supplies from them, including Mr. Color.
(Japanese) This shop stocks many different kinds of kits. His new kit info is very up-to-date.
Atelier iT
(Japanese w/ English) The wonder sculptor does very realistic Japanese female kits. He speaks some English and you can order kits from him directly.
Hobby Shop Corsair
(Japanese) This place sells a lot of different figure kits. His info about kits is also very up-to-date. The pages are updated daily. I don't think the owner speaks English though. But you can drool :)
Valley Plaza Hobbies
The have very decent prices for mascot miniatures and SOL *original* kits.

Has a lot of tools, including cool dremel items. Very reasonable shipping prices.

  Bear air
They specialize in Airbrush supplies and prices are almost the same as Dixie's.

Ozy and Millie
- Besides being extremely cute and well-drawn, Ozy and Millie is one of the few online comic strips that are actually funny and insightful without indulging in itself. Millie is a sight to behold :)
Nakedness Tribe - Razoku-san is master in converting figures into what his homepage's name suggests!

Hundingsbana - (Japanese) He has a really complete list of links to GK builders and makers in Japan, and is updated quite frequently
Eva Plus - (Japanese) This guy makes really beautiful GK, and his Making articles helped me a lot. He also has an English version of his page.

Neko's Playground
- (Japanese) Very inspired decal works on figures. He really made me feel any traditional one-color clothing piece is just not good enough. He's also very humble as well.
Exhibition plaza for Everyone - (Japanese) Satomi Design's bulletin board for everyone to display their work and criticize upon. You can sometimes see very unique figures, and done very nicely as well. I wish there were an English site like this - the atmosphere is very nice and civil, and the dialogues are always two-way.

Run Chickens - (Japanese) Nice figure kits, but his irreverant sense of humor is incomparable. His Multi/Kenshiro action figure has to be seen to be believed :)

Hidden home of Kitakitsune
- (Japanese) Built a lot of scantily clad anime kits. He always use the same mixture of skintone :)

Schwarepunkt - (Japanese) Ponya-san's GK page with lots of fantastic build ups, and one-of-a-kind cuties.

Mokei Garou - (Japanese) A really great modeler. He build many different kinds of mechs and has a handful of figures.

Gaokun of flame - (Japanese) A very good GK builder in Japan. Have a huge collection of kits! Many one-of-a-kind, event-only build ups.

- (Japanese) Has a large collection of anime figure kits. But he seems to have stopped updating the page.

Midnight Partners
- (English) J.Vella's CG and GK figures site. His skills is constantly improving!

FMH - Figure Modelers of Hawaii. Have lots of great kits from its members.

Jesse's Anime Figures
- Homepage of Jesse, a frequent forum visitor. With figure buildups and anime artworks.

Dan Perez Studios
- Great sculpting works and detailed tutorials on casting and sculpting!
Gremlins in the Garage - Great place to get started with the hobby as well as seeing US GK builders' work. Machine Mess - A hardcore modeler showcasing his conversion and sculpting work.

Mecha Pinoy - A group of Gundam modelers featuring their works.

Urd's Model City - An Urd fanatic with many nice kits.
Newtype Asylum
NewType Asylum - English Gundam site with many kit reviews and new releases information, very up-to-date!
Heavy armor studio - (English) Hugh builds kits just like they appear on the box. His tutorial is adequate, but if you're a beginner beware of bizzare advice such as "Tamiya paints are for beginners".

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