Gundam X the anime

I refused to watch Gundam X for a long time… the mechs were underwhelming and  the reviews were far from positive. However the new MG Double X was half way decent so I decided to watch it during my gym hours to see, perhaps, I might like it a little bit. (Incidentally HLJ really need to fix their search function… this is a relatively hot mecha and yet you can’t find it easily!)

Boy was it a disappointment. It just felt like a bunch of characters who didn’t really care about what they’re doing, and the protagonist Garrod is just a moron and he stayed a moron. Tiffa doesn’t do much. The mech fights were boring. As cool as Double X was, it was badly utilized… it just felt like it was totally wasted by Garrod. I really liked the concept of satellite canon… how sad. Victory Gundam, despite all its flaws, was more interesting than this disappointment.

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