Example: Painting Misato's Face

Getting accurate color from photo is difficult without a white balance function... so take the colors with a grain of salt.

Here we painted the base color for her face. Looks flat.
Next highlights and shadows and shadows are painted. The contrast looks a bit too much.
We bind the colors by misting the base color over her face. Now the contrast looks more natural. Some highlights such as her chins' are reapplied after the misting to accentuate the areas.

The eyes were painted in, which was shown in the eyes section.

The rest here is cosmetics. I like to accentuate the eye socket shadow so that the eye lid is more apparent. Also although anime characters don't have lips, I like my figures to have them - just well blended into the face so that they don't look like lipsticks. Here I laid the oil colors in and wait for them to dry a little bit before I start blending. I also like to do a wash on the ears.
The colors were blended, and the face is complete.

Now we paint the hair. One of this kit's worst feature is the way Misato's bang is separated with the back hair - you need to work on the parting line. I chose to do the wrong thing here, didn't test fit well and leave the puttying until after assembling the whole head. Using the process with polyster putty introduced back in the test fitting section is much wiser.

Anyway you can see the parting line between the grey and white area. I have already done a bit of puttying and sanding here.

It was getting ridiculous.

I reprimed and resanded a few times. Don't try this at home without an airbrush that can produce an extremely fine spray so that you don't destroy all your previous work.

Finally! It always seems like magic to me when one of these crappy parting lines is gone.
Now I base coat the hair with purple mixed with bright blue.
Then I airbrushed some dark clear purple for shadow and super clear mixed with interference violet for highlights. Here you see the un-interfered color - looks just like a lightned base coat color.
At a slightly different angle, light reflects and you can see the violet. I misted the base coat color over the interference color to dull down the metallic shine. I think she looks stupid if you have very shiny metallic hair.
Finally the legs. Here the base coat is applied.
Shading is done. The areas that faces the bottom are given darker shades, and the areas facing the above lighter.
Here I wash the groove with oil.
I wipe most of the excess off.
After the oil dried a bit I blend the edges.


Like the real thing!

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