"Stuff that don't fit elsewhere," or "How I fix my screw ups"

You have seen the mess that's the hair parting line in the painting examples page, but there were a few more. I must be really distracted when I had to take so many pictures during the building process :)

Remember the two halves of the jacket? We saw the parting line back in the test fitting section. I decided to paint then glue here. The line is actually a "panel line" on the clothing, but to get a good finish I wanted to fill the gap and rescribe the panel line back. Here I have applied some SSP-HG for filling and have sanded it off. (any other putty will do too) After a few such incidents you won't be so heart-broken when you see you paint job all messed up like this.
Some Mr. surfacer to smooth out the sanded area, and I used one of the triangular needle file to rescribe the panel line in.
It's perfect! Now I just need to redo all the shading, grrrr....
The left arm is the killer problem in this kit. There's a very wide gap between her left chest and left arm. The white area you see is the gap - after a LOT of hassles - carving, bending, etc. No way would it fit completely.So it's time for Liquitex Acrylic Modeling Paste. It's a very good filler and I use it exclusively for puttying after painting, because it's water-soluble and will not damage your paint job.

For such a mess I should have fixed it in the test fitting stage with polyester putty. But that wouldn't be so exciting would it.

I normally don't fill such a big gap with the paste. It's very soft and doesn't feather too well, but it can be done. Also, in this case there are normal panel lines in her jacket in this junction, so we're granted some slacktitude here.

Reprimed and repainted - it works! Now I just need to do my 12th time shading the jacket and I'll be done. Well not quite, still need to do panel lining on the jacket.

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