Doing stray hair can really enchance the kit! I have tried using many materials for them. I used brass sheets for Misato's.

From the bass sheet I cut a saw-tooth pattern, and cut off a square surrounding this pattern. We get two "strands" of anime hair.
I use them on both sides of Misato's bang, attached with super glue. Most of the time we need to do this before priming so that these will get primed too.
The extra support behind the hair gives a sense of depth and improves the sense of dimension of the kit.

Besides brass metal, I've used finishing lines too. With fishing lines, you need to trim a length you need, and then use the back of your knife to curl it by "scraping" one side of the fine line. This is difficult, most of the time the scraping motion isn't straight so you don't get a curve but a wriggly line. For that reason I don't like using fishing lines much. For copper wire, I took some electrical cord, remove the vinyl cover and use what's inside. You can bend these wires very easily, so it's easier to work with than fishing lines. You can use a fine drill to make a hole and stick the hair in, but I'm usually too lazy for that and just glue the hair in the less visible hair grooves. This actually is quite frustrating, and zip kicker is almost a must because there are so little glue on the strand. This is when copper wire is not so good to work with, because they just bend out of shape easily.

Finally real eyelashes from the cosmetics department works great. I got the ones that are short and in 5-6 hair per
bundle. It's not easy to apply and took a lot of patience. Apply Elmer's white glue on the target area. Then grab a
bundle with a tweezer by the ends and cut the root off, so that the hairs are all separated but still remain on the
tweezer. Lightly land the hairs on the white glue and wait several minutes until they stick. For sawa I needed to do this
about 3 times each for an eye to cover the full upper eyelid. Finally use a nail clipper to trim the hair to the desired

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