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Picking a kit

For beginners interested in anime resin kits, I recommend picking a 1/8 kit - inexpensive, neither too big nor too small to work with. I also recommend a figure in simple, causal clothing - with swimsuits you need to work with a lot of skintone and masking, and elaborate kits such as Belldandy figures are usually more complicated. I recommend Kotobukiya or Kurushima kits. Examples are Asuka, Misato (Kotobukiya) and Asuka & Rei (Kurushima). In particular, Kurushima kits are very well cast and easy to work with. I recommend all of their Eva (except Maya, which is more advanced.) and Nadesico figures.

In this tutorial we will work with the new kit from Newline, 1/6 Misato movie version. The kit consists of 13 parts shown. The kit does not require a lot of masking and I think it should be relatively easy. We'll see. Here's the finished kit.

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