Filling Pinholes

Air sometimes get trapped during casting process, resulting in tiny holes on the surface of your kit, called pinholes. They are tedious to fill and can have wasted many days of my young life!

I use Gunze Mr.Surfacer 500 to fill the holes. The pinholes suck the surfacer in and get filled; other solid putty tends to only cover the holes and unless you're very careful in sanding, the putty will be removed and the hole exposed again. Mr. Surfacer takes 20 minutes to an hour to dry, depends on how thick you applied and how hot the weather is. If you want it to work faster you can put it under a lamp.

If you don't have Mr. Surfacer 500, you can use Automotive Glazing putty or Tamiya putty thinned with with lacquer thinner, or Squadron green/white thinned with either plastic cement or nail polish remover (acetone). Just thin it so that it's a little bit more fluid than a paste. Superglue can fill holes too and I used to do it, but it dries too hard too fast, which makes sanding difficult. Worst of all, it's harder than resin, so it can leave you with a small bump.

Use a toothpick to pick up a little thinned putty and dip it on the hole and wait for it to dry.

Using a 400 grit sandpaper I sand the area smooth. Don't sand off too much. When the underneath resin surface is barely visible, stop. Otherwise you may start sanding off surfacer inside the pinhole. Reprime afterwards and check your work.

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