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Taking your kit for a bath

Shower time! Don't look!
You need to wash the surface to remove mold release, otherwise nothing will stick to your kit.

I mix detergent, "Soft Scrub" and very little water to form the cleaner. The detergent will remove the oil chemically and soft scrub will clean it even more with its small grains of solid. It also improves the "tooth" on the surface of the kit so that your primer and paint will adhere better. Using a toothbrush I scrub the surface of the kit, making sure I cover every facet including concave, hard-to-reach areas. It's safer to wear gloves during the process. Then I rinse off the cleaner, brushing the kit during the process.
[Updated 07/21/03] I'm sick of the amount of work involved above, and I could, albeit rarely, still have releasing agents on the pieces with the above method.

Therefore I bought some Castrol Super Clean, which is a brake fluid, and soak the pieces for a day or so. This purple stuff gets rid of grease and is thus very good for removing those releasing agents on the pieces. You can also soak painted pieces in it to strip paints. However this stuff is pretty toxic, so I wouldn't recommend it if you live with your parents ;) Also wear gloves when handling the fluid and use in well-ventilated area. When soaking the pieces you should put them in a container that can be covered, since you don't want to breath this stuff.

After a day or a few, take the pieces off the purple bath and rinse off the fluid in water, using a toothbrush in the process just to be sure it's gone.

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