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This is one kit that a software engineer can’t do without! Ahhh, the familar scene of working on a computer and eating junk food, an original drawing by Sadamoto (the character designer of Evangelion), translated into 3D by Katayama-san. The kit is more than meet the eye, Katayama-san put in a lot of details that’s not very visible. For example, the shirt is actually in two pieces that wraps around Maya’s upper body, and so the cleavage and bra are all there. Other sculptors would make it all just one piece.

And check out the detailed laptop!

Kit Review Seam lines: 4/5 Pinholes: 3/5 Casting: 4/5 Fit: 3/5 Part Break: 5/5 Help

{This kit is surprisingly difficult for such a small size, due to the need for coordination among a lot of body parts, i.e. many parts are touching each other. More in the Building section below.

BuildingThe original art has Maya wearing a black shirt, but a white shirt is much better for transparency πŸ™‚ Katayama-san actually sculpted in the bra strap on the back of her shirt, so I decided to paint the bra green/blueish gray and mist with white. Same treatment for the front. I used glazing (?) for the jeans and got very good results. Just apply a light base coat to it and wash the darker color in oil. Then when it has dried a bit (just an hour with drying agent applied) start wiping off the raised area. This procedure is similar to but more convenient than the wash-drybrush cycle.

I test fitted some and found that the arms don’t really fit well into the shirt. Also the legs aren’t really in contact with the jeans when you snap them in, so you really should pin the legs. The left hand which is typing on the lap top rests on the left leg, and the right hand holding the cookie has to sync up so that the cookie is in her mouth. The legs are also touching each other. So there are many dependencies between parts. I suggest finishing the lower body first before test fitting the upper body, and you may have to heat and reshape the left arm so that the hand, leg and laptop are all touching each other.

Sadamoto’s art shows that she’s sitting on a pink carpet, so an old sock painted pink is what Maya’s sitting on πŸ™‚ The left picture shows the decals I used. The screen on the laptop is a screen dump of my own desktop, and I love Monkichi so Maya does too, so she’s got Monkichi shirt made from custom decals. Originally there were 3 monki’s in front of Maya’s shirt, but I messed up the one in the middle so she’s got only two – a really weird shirt design πŸ™‚ I’m surprised the desktop decal looks so realistic, partly because for some unknown reason it seems to radiates some sort of light that makes it look like an LCD screen.

Finally the hair spots one of the most successful application of interference color (violet). The highlights gives out the violet color but not anywhere else.


  1. Holy Moly ! 😯
    Wow , So detailed .. Amazing work love the lap-top and just the way she looks .. Just Hard-Core cool .:cool:

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