LED Mirage with Boomerang Unit – 1/100 Wave kit


The old Wave injection kit was reviled by many, but it’s about the only kit you can get the flight backpack combo for a very reasonable price of 6800yen. The Boomerang unit offered here is a crisply cast vinyl kit. There’s some fit issue as with the rest of the kit does, but the finished kit is nice with that ridiculous looking backpack attached onto the already ridiculous flame unit. The base is an old resin kit I bought a long time ago. I did a red wash on it and surprisingly it gave a nice glowing lava effect! On the LED I used Alclad chrome on the armor plates.



  1. Seriously great job!!!!! I’m wondering, could possibly send me a scan of the manual? I don’t have one and can’t seem to find one anywhere online for this grade!

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