Liquid masking

Felt too lazy to take progress pics lately, but I’ve been working on a few kits – a Najica, TB ninja girl, and an MG Wing 0 and Destiny. with a Gainax Asuka and Reflect Cammy in the background, mixed in with a couple of H kits 🙂

This must be obvious to some of you but I only discovered this today – that those brush conditioning liquids can remove liquid masks. Like Delta Ceramcoat brush cleaner, or possibly Brush Aid (haven’t tried tho). Boy I’ve had these chemicals for ages and yet I suffered so long with liquid masks. I usually have trouble applying liquid masks because they are brush destroyers since they never get off, even if you try to wash them off quickly. Since I bought Mr. Neo Sol that comes with a brush inside, I had better luck. Still, sometimes I applied the mask too thinly, and combined with paint layers that are a bit thick, the masks are very hard to remove, took me a lot of time to scrap them off. Well no more. I can now apply the masks with regular brushes, and also use q-tips to rub them off the model. The Najica kit was probably the least painful liquid masking experience I had in ages 🙂

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  1. yeahy Najica! Cant wait to see this one. I hope you make things a little more interesting than just white cotton…

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