Macross Zero SV-51 gamma (Nora)

She’s been sitting on the floor, waiting for decaling… poor Nora. So I took a deep breath and finished her Anti-U.N. SV-51 gamma. Due to the pain involved I’ll classify this as a “never again” project 😉

With this kit I’m also testing a simple gallery I wrote – should’ve done this in the beginning rather than spending all that time on the Gallery2 which I eventually ditched 🙁 I wonder if I should keep the per-image navigation? While it’s neat, I don’t know how it stands up to attacks by robots – which is basically my trouble all along. Perhaps I’ll just have each thumbnail link to the direct image and be done with it.


  1. nice kit

    thoughts on the gallery… ditch it. the gallery you had up was bad. mainly as I like seeing you write what you think and how you built it witch in the last gallery didnt exist.

    a plus I like is the gallery that you started useing with your recent kits (with all the thumbs to the left allowing lots of pics.

    whatever you get/make make it to your 100% standards or as well as your kits.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions.

    One problem with the column-of-thumbnails I used to have is that it’s hard to throw 80+ pics there, so I ended up spending hours trying to pick 20-30 that I thought was good. So I wanted to find some solution that’d save time.

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