1. r u a profesionnal modeler? i’m really impressed with all the pictures that i saw, i like gundams very much, in terms of 1/100 size, i have heavyarms custom, astray red frame, MG Wing Zero Custom, and the latest is Destiny Gundam. i did try to model out my heavyarms, which is my 1st 1/100. i mean i did all the shopp owner told me about glue the parts, smoothing out the rough edges, apply putty and surfacer and all the other stuff…it didn’t turn out very well. anyway i hope u dont mind that i save the pictures of some of your work, hope it can inspire me.

  2. This guy just plays with kits ! 😯 Wow .. I love the way you custom design some kits and how you fix any problem you get thru modeling some resin’s. Amazing . :mrgreen:

  3. :mrgreen: Hi Cody! I just happened to stumble upon your site looking for resin models and saw your work and was like “WOW” this is an amazing page! I am really really new to “RESIN MODELS” and was happy to see “ANIME” resins. I am a builder of plastic models but an artist at heart. I really enjoy the colors of “ANIME” so when I saw the resin models with the “ANIME” theme I had to try it. Seeing your site and your work has really got me pumped and ready to get started. I really appreciate the section you have for people like me just starting off with “ANIME” Building. I am sure your tips on “CLEANING” and all the other stuff will find very helpful in my new building experiences to come in the future! Thanks for a great site and keep up the great work. Your awesome and a very, very talented artist!

  4. Just came across your site, I love your style; some really beautiful work here. I saw a picture of your Geometric Aliens Xenomorph and noticed the very fine “veins” on the body. Could you possibly please explain how these were created? It’s a lovely effect that I would like to try and replicate on a vintage kit I have. Thank You.

  5. Thanks! The veins are done with airbrushing fine blue lines and then sprayed over with the skin color to blend them in.

  6. I came across your site when looking up information about Mr. Hobby paints my brother gave me. I was going to give up on trying airbrushing because I can’t stand the fumes of these paints, but seeing everything you’ve accomplished here makes me want to give it a chance. Thanks for sharing pictures and information the way you have. It is exceptionally helpful.

  7. You’re welcome. If you have questions feel free to follow up and I’ll be happy to answer. Airbrushing is giving you finish you can’t get otherwise.

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