Mr. Masking Sol Kai Preview

I wrote about Mr. Masking Sol Neo a while back and singing its praises, but after using it for a while its deficiency is obvious: too runny, and its self cohesion is poor, meaning you’ll have a hard time lifting your dried mask in one piece, if the layer is thin. So in another attempt to fix this, Gunze offered another improved version “Kai”. I used it the first time this morning, and it’s definitely an improvement over the “Neo”. The liquid is thicker, and it seems to have better self-cohesion, as the masks almost lifts in single pieces. I have some uncured gum in spots, which I suspect is the result of me not shaking the bottle properly.

Ok why don’t I buy Modeler’s masking sol like everyone else you asked… I kinda like Gunze’s in bottle brush, but I also have 3 bottles of them Modelers all gummed up and unsuable after their shelf life expired, I didn’t feel like buying another one 🙂


  1. Right on 😛 despite the “Kai” label this is still no Modelers, after using it for a couple more days. It seems to stick to rough surfaces too well.

  2. Maybe they took you advice and changed the formula. I just bought some Mr. Mask, like it a lot, but if anything it’s too thick. How can I thin this stuff?


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