Neo Zeong – Bandai 1/144 model kit

I completed this kit about a year ago after a marathon session of two months (WIP thread), but was thinking of getting more shots of him before posting. Ah well that never happened, so I figured I should just post what I have 🙂


The Neo Zeong is one of the biggest kits from Bandai, standing about 89cm tall with the fuel tanks that I have yet to photograph with. Pictured here however is the “psycho shard” equipment that destroy all weapons in range. I missed out on the psycho shard during the regular P-Bandai run since I thought it looked gimmicky and wouldn’t pose with the fuel tanks, but I realized with some backflash it could look really cool photographed so I paid more than double for it.

I really wanted the kit to look great so I spent extra effort this time in customizing it, referencing a lot of illustrations. I explicitly try to model after the rightmost illustration, trying to see if I can pose the kit like that.

The raw kit is rather bland in surface details, combined with the huge size of the kit it’s a little meh. So I added a number of panel lines and finally got myself some BMC chisels to do rectangular grooves. I also spent *a lot* of time on the fingers, all 30 of them, to add details. The hands are really the most interesting part of NZ, without the details the kit very rigid, and many NZs in hobbymags also do the movable fingers. I also modded the main arms with spread palms; it’s a bit too much work for me to do all 6 of those 🙂 To give the spread palms more motion, the fingers on them are double jointed.

The mods I’m extra happy about are the extended arm movements and the flying bits. The NZ isn’t big on movements, but its main arms are very restricted by its surrounding armor and it really can’t go forward in a grabbing pose, which I corrected by making the offending pieces movable. The flying bits are nice to have so I did one, using Kotobukiya’s MSR pistons. The weapon bay also got some detailing up. I’ve also added the subarms from Kit’s Power. For some reason I thought I was getting two of them but it was only one; symmetry would’ve been nice, but they’ve sold out since then.

When I get to the fuel tanks I’ll write more, for now enjoy NZ with the psycho shards!

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