Neo Zeong details

I forgot exactly when I started building NZ, but from my posting history it’s a bit over 2 months ago. I have been working on this pretty constantly so it felt like a long process.

The weapon container is one of the more detailed parts on NZ so I gave it a bit more spice. The found openings I added a couple of builder’s parts to it to give it more dimensions, and the hatches are given Kotobukiya square molds (2).  I opened up all the depressions on the edges and added some missile-like details from underneath, using my Macross weapon sets. This photo was taken a while ago, the 4 “division” sign details were removed in favor of exhaust etch parts.

Some skirt details below. This is the area aounr the I-field generator, and it’s a bit barren so I thought it could use some detail up, which was done using Kotobukiya pistons and springs.

NZ has its hidden sub arms that wasn’t available in the original kit. Here I got Kit’s Power resin kit for it. I saw the kit photo with two arms and thought it’d come with two, but ended up with only one, and now it’s sold out. Alas. One arm it is.

The kit came with resin joints… obviously they recasted bits of Kotobukiya’s joint systems in resin. The instruction told you to replace these with the regular Koto ones for more sturdy joints, but since I didn’t want to wait yet another month for them, I used my spare Volks MM units… much sturdier 🙂 Also got 4 of the smallest HobbyBase joints for the fingers.

I spent 1.5 days over the weekend to decal the dude… now ready to coat.

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