Burn Witch Burn

A very unique 1/6 kit (and old and rare), this witch figure was produced by Netherworld back in the late 90’s. The kit depicts an inquisition victim being burned at the stake. The kit consists of two pieces, with one for the witch and one for the pile of pile of wood. It comes with a bulb that flickers, which would generate a very nice “burning” effect.

As with most US kits though, it was cast in stinky yellow resin (boy do I smell after working on the base…), and the casting was horrible… many “honeycomb” areas with loads of pinholes, and some edge parts were not cast completely, requiring some resculpting. Quite a few spots are extremely rough, requiring lots of putty to smooth the surface out.

The kits is a challenge to paint. The build up pics shows a very Marilyn Monroe type face, but looking at the kit you wonder whether it’s the same kit, with a likeness that’s more like a traditional witch (i.e. old-hag like). After some work smoothing out the face, I managed to mostly correct her face, but it’s still difficult to get a beautiful view of the face from all angles.
I went with the wet t-shirt style of painting for her gown, as if she was already drenched in oil before she got put up on the stake. Last time I did this I used artist oil, but I’m bolder this time, and used retarded Mr. Color base white to drybrush. Works very well and much less prone to getting wiped off like artist oil.
A bit of “smoke” around the wood to give a little extra to the burning effect in addition to the lights. To shoot the pics, I needed to turn on the shutter to extremely slow speed since the lights flicker like crazy. I don’t know the exact physics for it (I should though đŸ˜€ ), but the resulting photo gives a nice “fire” effect, I think. The bulb assembly is pretty big; I don’t know how it was supposed to go inside the wood “cone”, but in order to maximize the flame’s effects I decided to have it lodge directly inside the cone, at the cost of a bit of the assembly sticking out of the woods.


  1. I’ve always wanted to know what kinds (type, brand, etc) of resins they use in Japan for their kits. The yellow stinky stuff is all I am familiar with, and I’d love to try the white porcelain type stuff. Do you know any specifics about it?


  2. Hello Cody. I really like the way you did the witch. I bought the rights to 6 of the old Netherworld kits and she is one of the next ones to come out. The first I put out was Xenomorphous Rex which is causing quite a stir in the model community. My reason for contacting you was to ask if you remember the price of her when she came out. I can find no ads anywhere and Joe is no help.Thanks in advance Randy

  3. hiii
    I really like the way you did the witch I’ve always wanted to know witch and torture and burn

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