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Older News (or Random Scribble)

(7/20/03) Is this place dead? No, but the lack of updates this year was due to my participation in robot soccer with the Sony Aibos. We went to Padova, Italy for the international games (Robocup) early this month, and due to strings of bad luck we didn't win anything. However the Aibo's blocking move on that front page I developed, and the associated velocity estimation which is required to fire the move, impressed all the audience. We also got to visit Venice for an afternoon and it was jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Now I have a bit of time to resume work on the kits. Although I haven't touched my airbrushes for more than 6 months, they've been good to me so far and some progress shots of the kits I'm building - Polno Dianno, Blue Mary and "Waiting for you" - will appear soon.

Btw, I wholeheartedly recommend "JoJo's Bizzare Adventure", especially Part 5. The stands are so cool in many aspects, their use highly imaginative and the fights are very interesting because of that. So even after 80+ volumes of manga, it's still coming up with new ideas and it never suffer the drag-on-ball syndrome. And where can you find a super hero that puts zippers on things? You'd be amazed what a useful power it is though! ^_^;

(5/19/03) You know what'd be a cool application of the water effect... a fighting gal (Yuka Takeuchi) with torn clothes standing in the rain! She can be as drenched as I want. Hate it when I'm too busy to build kits and these ideas keep popping up ^_^;;;

(3/27/03) The forum is back up with all new unimportant feature :)
And I'd like to thank everyone who cared about this site.

(3/26/03) Finally moved over to a new server. The forum isn't back up yet though. Wish I can put up the sweaty Honey on the front page but she still needs work in the photography department. Silly random image feature on this page.
Finally, in these shitty times, I wish everyone luck.

(1/26/03) 1024x768 Ayanami wallpaper that's kind of like the front page (260KB).

(1/6/03) Better wet pics for Ayanami.

(1/2/03) Happy new year! First kit of the year, Tsuruko Aoyama.


(12/9) Aa! The last kit of the year, in the spirit of Azumanga Daioh, I present Ayanami Daioh with Rei in wet T-shirt. Isn't the previous sentence non-sensical? ^_^;; The Making-of Rei Ayanami also concludes.
(11/15) The new Hoilday by Keiko oozes coolness! Its name is "beginning of journey", and there's even a story behind it. Apparently Hoilday was in Japan with her friends Yasumi and Susumi (all previously have been made into beautiful figures), and got a call from her mom about her dad missing her so much and got sick. So now she has to go back to America a bit. Susumi cried because she doesn't know whether Hoilday will be back, but Yasumi said it's ok.

(11/13) Couldn't resist the temptation and sat through 18 episodes of Witch Hunter Robin. The beginning 10 or so episodes felt like X-Files except the cases are definitely paranomal. From that point on it ceases to be episodic and becomes quite intense. Great show so far! I like Robin-chan very much, but how can a nun sleep naked? ;)

(11/1) LOL.

(10/31) Added Nadia after a long hiatus.

(10/29) A few more product reviews, including Liquid Leaf, Alclad II and super clear gray tone.

(10/21) Completed the Eva minus detailing, so the Making-of article is updated to 4 pages. At the end of page 4 there are some shots of the Eva.
Also started a product review page. This time I reviewed Mr. Dissolved Putty, Mr. Masking Sol Neo and V-color.

(10/19) The Eva itself is taking way longer than I thought, the Making- of page is updated with some new progress shots, and spilled over to 2 pages.

(10/7) Part 1 of the making-of article of my ongoing Eva diorama is posted.

(10/3) Posted a new batch of in-progress shots of my splitting of the breast diorama in the forum.

(10/1) I quite like this new B-club Rahxephon Mishima Reika. The clothing is very well-sculpted and the likeness is also dead-on.(Courtesy of Daikokuya)

(9/25) The humor quotient in Azumanga ep 23 isn't very high, but... but... SAKAKI-SAN~~~~~ KAKOII!!! @_@

(9/22) More Azumanga goodness! Osaka in AzuGundam ^_^;; Kawaii!!! (This has a few different pics, Thanks Masa)

(9/21) At the Azumanga Daioh Anonymous meeting: Hi, I'm Cody, and I'm addicted to this anime! Please help me ^_^;;

Yes I love this series very much... I rarely see something that makes me roll on the floor every episode, even after multiple viewings! The show is basically a show about nothing :) , just a few high school friends in various situations. What sets it apart is perhaps its strong characterisation of its protagonists, although sometimes it's over the top, you can't help but feel that some of your old classmates were kind of like that too! But most of all there's this undercurrent of nostalgia, of the good'ol high school days when life was more or less care-free and "happier". Ok, I'm done pretending to be old now ^_^

(9/18) I was under the impression that any sort of coating on Mr. Metal Color is going to ruin the metallic effect, but I was doing a stainless basecoat on my Bloodsucker, a coat of Future floor wax didn't ruin it. Kick ass. Sure Alclad II will do the same job, but at $6 per oz. thinned, I think I'll be sticking with Mr. MC for a while...

(9/16) Just finished watching RaXephon... its exposition is very experimental, and having been watching episodes between very wide gaps I was almost lost in the middle. But the ending tied it up *really* neatly. It felt like an Eva ripoff from time to time, and they do have a lot of similar elements, but it is not a derivative. This is one of mecha designer Yutaka Izubuchi's first direction and it showed, but the plot, though puzzling, was coherent at the very end. Nice story too. Eva was in reality not much of a mecha show, but Rahxephon is even less so.
(9/13) I'm pretty sure the Yamato I ruined was a smaller one :) who cares. On a discussion board someone was quick to point out my "mistake" when I mentioned color primaries as red, yellow and blue. I know the RGB color system of lights is different from color pigments but I don't know what the terms are. I found this page which explains everything. (9/12) Having recieved my baby 1/350 Tamiya Yamato, was looking at their USS Enterprise on the web and found this very amusing article about modeling. I ruined my first incarnation of this kit when I was at the age of using mom's nail polish to paint kits, but I still can't believe how big the kit is. It's also not as complicated as I thought it would be... well thanks to the Bandai PG kits with such high part counts, nothing really compares :) (9/9) Check out this 1/12 Zaku-chan in Kotobukiya's shop.. the only thing that's interesting about it is the size.
(9/8) A bit of redesign to make this less ugly... My profile page is also updated; I think differently about a lot of things now :)

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