Panzer III Ausf.M, no.421, 15 PzRg, 11 Pz.Div., Kursk 1943

This tank is the no. 421 with the 15 PzRg, 11 PzDiv at Kursk. Kit used is the popular Takom Panzer III Ausf. M Blitz 8002 kit. I have blogged the build. Even though “421” is one of the decal options, the kit requires some surgery to get it accurate with the references, the main issue being the Schurzen not having the correct shape as offered by the kit (though they are accurate for other decal options). The kit has quite a few molding issues given how new it is, which diminished my enjoyment of building it unfortunately.

I could find four good references of this vehicle which was enough to depict the rather interesting “patch” camo pattern. The photos showed crewmen sitting outside so I used Miniart’s Panzer crew 35167 kit for it. The kit is a bit old and was a bit tricky to clean up, for the commander I needed the right hat so I replaced his head with a Tamiya. The figures needed reposing to get them to conform somewhat to the vehicle, but I could definitely have done a better job at it. “421” has a couple of custom configurations including the big wooden box in the back which I scratched, and a spare wheel sticking out in the Schurzen holder space, plus a number of spare track armor placed all around its glacis. There were enough spare tracks from the kit to make them.

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  1. This is a good build, Cody, and you do so much great work with figures. When you mention molding issues, it’d be helpful to say briefly what the most serious ones are – would hel the reat of us know if they take the kit out of our comfort zones.

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