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Masami’ is the latest in the Girls in the South Country series by K.Piero. And she’s the cutest! “It’s sunny, let me jump some ropes! …… Yikes!!! My bikini is coming off!” For some unknown reasons she’s a bit bigzzer than the rest of the girls in the series. I thought it was because she’s all stretched out, but still…

I love this kit as the muscle layout in her belly is just perfect, and the pose is very dynamic. However this kit is also the most difficult to build. Definitely not for beginners.

Kit Review Seam lines: 3/5 Pinholes: 4/5 Casting: 5/5 Fit: 3/5 Part Break: 3/5 Help

There are a few things that makes this kit difficult. The kit has two mid-calve divisions in the arms, and although the parts are interlocking, the joining surface just didn’t match and some putty work is required to level the surface. The second problem is the balance; since the figure jumps on one leg a lot of pinning is needed to get the thing to stand properly. Finally, there are a lot of flash on the body. These flashes are required to cast the hollow parts, which include the area between the bikini and the breasts. They require a lot of care in removing them, and the surface cleaning afterwards is also difficult since these recessed areas are hard to reach.
BuildingI tried to take pictures along the way to create a “making-of” report, but eventually didn’t have the patience to go through with it. Here are some photos taken during building.

The mid-calve divisions filled. Primed with white and mounted on base. The green stuff is liquid mask. This way you don’t have to repaint the white for the eyes. The skin tone is almost done, but the belly area didn’t quite work out. The skin tone is fixed and bikini painted in. Now I’m doing a wash on the grooves.

The painting was quite fun, but I didn’t manage to get the belly right the first time. The kit has her lower belly in a straight slope to the groin area, but in reality the lower belly should be slightly protruded. To create an illusion of that, I painted in a curve of shadows , but lightened it when the body approach the bikini bottom. (I know, it’s useless to describe such things without pictures 🙂

To complete the kit, you need to supply 3 extra pieces yourself: two “strings” for the bikini top, and the jumping rope. The instruction sugzzests taking vinyl electric cord and paint them with vinyl colors, but it’s too much trouble for me. I found those wire wrapped in hard vinyl used to strap things, and cut away the excess to form a cylindrical shape. Since they’re white already, no painting required. For the jumping rope, I bought some green thick electic cord. I don’t like it that much, seems too thick and I wanted to find some that are braided. But I couldn’t find anything better than the cord, and think it looks reasonable right now.

I mounted her on a a base covered with those railroad (Noch) gravel matte. Unfortunately the superglue leaked a bit, creating a dark patch on the gravel 🙂 I think I’ll mount her somewhere else or add some stuff on the gravel in the future.

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