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This is #3 of K. Piero’s SE Aisa girl series. She’s so cute and happy! She’s holding a cleaver with a coconut on it. While the anatomy of the previous 2 girls Masumi and Natsumi from this series is a little bit off, Nanami’s is really correct.

Kit Review Seam lines: ?/5 Pinholes: ?/5 Casting: ?/5 Fit: ?/5 Part Break: ?/5 Help

Parts: forehair, back hair (left & right), body, legs (left & right), left hand with cleaver, right arm.Some pinholes on top of the body piece that are easily dealt with. Seam lines aren’t too bad; the one difficult parting line occurs between the left leg and the body; the bikini string obscures the line and make sanding quite difficult. Actually the line has poor visiblity and so it shouldn’t matter… but that’s no attitude of a gk builder! 🙂
BuildingThat said, a later disaster happened when the left leg falling off … so all that effort removing the line went down the sink.Anyway, I spent a lot of time getting the flesh tone right, especailly the well-sculpted midsection area, and the junction between the bikini bottom and the body. I’m quite satisfy with the result after 10 hours of work just oil painting those areas. I also put clear epoxy glue on the eyes to give a really glossy effect; it looks kind of lively but at the same time got dulled down, so I haven’t tried it since then. Stray hair strands are done with fishing lines. I still think this kit has the best flesh tone I’ve done, even better than Nuku Nuku… mostly because the sculpt is so well done.

I haven’t fix her on a base yet… I want to give her a diorama base, may be with the other girls in the series.

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