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Luna is from the show Luna Varga. The girl somehow by accident became merged with a dragon and has gotten a tail, but I haven’t seen the show so I can’t comment further. This kit is really old (1991) and added with the fact that I got a shitty cast from ebayer, it’s tons of work to get her finished. Don’t buy from a seller called “egigo”.

That said, the finished kit justified my 30 hours cleaning it up. The pose is very unique for anime kits and the anatomy is very nice. The only complaint I have is the front hair seems too big and hide much of her lovely face.

Kit Review Seam lines: 2/5 Pinholes: 3/5 Casting: 1/5 Fit: 2/5 Part Break: ?/5 Help

The casting is done in brittle polystone which he claimed resin, and it stinks like hell. The surface is also covered with some disgusting crap that won’t come off with scrapping, so I had to sand those off. The seamlines were BAD. Somewhere along the line someone grouped several different pieces that were originally separate and cast them as one piece, resulting in the whole figure being cast almost as one piece, except the front hair. That makes clean up very difficult in the belly.
As this is an earlier kit, the original cast wasn’t so great either (I saw the original cast from the sculptor’s homepage). The grooves between body parts were very shallow, so the figure wasn’t very crisp. Enough complaints…
BuildingThe first thing I had to do was to deepen the grooves, especially between legs, and between left arm and leg. You can do that with needle files. The blanket was also broken so I had to rebuild the ends with SSP-HG. I also didn’t want her tail, so I had to fill a peg hole where the tail was attached, and sculpt the details back in.

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