Takom Maus V2 1/35

This is Takom’s Maus V2 and I followed the excellent research by Christos (Thanks!) to finish the kit as the initial rollout V2 with lightened road wheels. There are a few references with it having both antenna up, so I scavenged my parts box and found a couple of Dragon ones I could use. When I finish the Vespid 1/72 Maus soon it’ll be an interesting comparison.

The kit is lovely to build. The tracks were easy to get together, the suspension was tedious but not exactly terrible, The main detail missing is a PE strap on the oil drums. One particular impressive note on the armor is that it has very realistic texture, which is quite important for such large featureless surfaces. The figures were from Miniart.

Painting and weather was quite a chore with these large featureless surfaces. You want to do enough so that it’s not boring but not to over do it – except I was constantly overdoing effects and had to undo and rollback. I followed pretty closely to the camo patterns in the references. I tried a lot of experiments on the kit such as using filters to achieve gradients, using pigments for fading, and different ways of streaking which I was never too happy with.

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