Tekken Bishoujo Christie Montero – 1/7 Kotobukiya


Yet another Tekken Bishoujo! I think this is actually one of the first amongst the Kotobukiya’s line of Yamashita’s figures. Christie is a Capoeira practitioner and I think she’s trying to round kick here. 

The dynamic pose is quite awesome and the kit has enough things flowing and flying… very Brazilian. I’ve taken a special liking to her after the Rio Olympics. Interestingly for the Tekken line the figures are smaller – even though the claim is 1/7 just like the series’ other Marvel figures and such, she is visibly dwarfed by others like my Juri. She’s quite busy for such a small kit, and I’ve ruined her countless amount of times, making her a difficult build.

Her face is a little troublesome and the hair was casting shadows and obscuring it at different angles, making her one of this kits where the angle of the photo matters quite a bit. DSC_6169 DSC_6167 DSC_6166 DSC_6165 DSC_6164 DSC_6162 DSC_6159 DSC_6158 DSC_6156

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