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I have such a hard time getting the lighting to work with a single flash light. I can’t remember the amount of time I spent in adjusting the mirrors and the flash to get the kits illuminated the way I wanted. So I’m going with an easier approach of getting a second light… my time is probably worth more than the money saved 🙁

Like this Wing 0 that I was trying to take pics of, using the overhead light only makes the front somewhat poorly lit, even though I have some big mirror bouncing lights off it. Grrrr…. IMG_2899.jpg

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  1. So, I can’t see anything wrong with the lighting here at all. There’s some hard contrast coming from 10 o’clock, but the photo looks terrific! Don’t worry dude. It’s all good.

  2. I have to agree… ^^
    Nothing wrong there other than some contrast/brightness issues some tweaking in PS or adequate environement won’t handle…

  3. Thanks 🙂 I’m certainly nitpicky… it’s just that I saw the product pics people have and they definitely have better illumination than mine, so somehow mine just looks inadequate 😳

  4. if you are using an external flash for the overhead lighting, maybe you can use the flash built on the camera for frontal light

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