Tools review: Paint bottle stand (paint rack) from Wave

I was browsing Be-J (the Wave online shop) and found that they have a new (?) product. Wait, isn’t that just like the paint racks you have at the hobby shops?


Yes it is! I always have all sorts of paint bottles around my paint area and I was always out of space, so I figure this should help! The rack isn’t expensive at 3480 yen (~$34USD) but shipping from HLJ was expensive because 1. the box was pretty big and 2. the stand is made with some pretty sturdy plastic which makes it quite heavy. Best to combine shipping with something else.

Anyway it arrived a couple of days ago and upon opening the box it was indeed a huge box with 3 smaller boxes labelled ABC.


Assembly required! It’s not difficult but not straightforward either. You build the frame by sticking two sides to the top and bottom trays, and there are 4 beams in the middle, all attached with screw-hex nut combos. The screws are somewhat small and in difficult positions to use power tools for, alas. Took about 30 minutes to get the frame set up.

One concern I had was whether the trays would have space for different types of paints… I’d love it to hold all of my Mr. Color paints but it’d be extra nice if it could deal with the larger bottles of surfacers and base whites. Fortunately the trays are completely customizable!


You get a bunch of dividers that you can freely use to divide up the spaces. The dividers aren’t too secure unfortunately, which was a bit maddening when you are placing paint and it just slipped off.  Each column can hold about 5 Mr. color jars each column and 3 40ml bottles. It could almost hold 4 of them… but almost is no good. So you waste a lot of space there. Either way it’s a very nice product and now my space is totally organized! It’s about the only type of product out there as far as I could find, highly recommended!

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