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No, it’s not a typo, the kit is 1/1 because Sakura Hime is a robot… more precisely a model kit. She’s from the show “Plamo Sanshiro” or “Plastic Model Kid 34-ro” 🙂 It’s a show in the 80’s probably riding the wave of the plastic model craze. I saw the show many years ago and only remember it was a sport-type anime not unlike Pokemon, you have these model kits fighting each other in a wrestling match. I think I used to like it even. Sakura Hime was the model of one of the female protagonist, and of course it’s nowhere as sexy…

This kit is one of the sculptor’s first even-only kit. I had an incredible urge to buy it the first time I saw it, but a number of factors such as poor casting and his later, better Sakura Himes dulled down my interest for the kit. His 2nd Sakura Hime was super cute! Having recently obtained the said kit, I thought it’s time to finish the first one. This kit had been sitting in half-finished state for more than 2 years 🙂

Kit Review Seam lines: 2/5 Pinholes: 4/5 Casting: 3/5 Fit: 2/5 Part Break: 4/5 Help

The seams on the kit are just horrible, and the casting is really bad as many crevices has very rugged relief. Parts in general don’t fit well to each other, resulting in large gaps.
BuildingIt was quite a frustrating kit to build given the above problems. It doesn’t help that I forgot whether I washed the kit 2 years ago before I gave up on the tedious surface preparation. Well I didn’t, so it’s the worst mask-paint-peel-arrrgggh I ever had. Each piece of clothing was given the matching pearl coats, unfortunately due to the angle I was taking pictures (so that her face will not be under heavy shadow), the white pearl of the armor wasn’t obvious. It gives the armor a metallic shine.

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