Unchou Kan-u 關羽 雲長 1/6 by Yuki shiro

Finally, a Yukishiro kit that I actually own 🙂 This is probably one of the last of his awesome works before he became a PVC producer. I have had this kit for a long time but didn’t know what to do with it since it’s so awesome, but with time grew more knowledge and I finally got the tools I needed to produce this diorama.

The rock comes from a Woodland scenic rock mold, cast from plaster. The waves were shaped using extra heavy gel from Liquitex. In retrospect I could’ve made less wave fronts but longer and larger waves and it’d have looked more realistic. 

The twisty water dragon effect is first framed using tamiya bendable rods for support, and gradually having extra heavy lumped on top to give the eftect. It’s a bit of a mess because the figure was already painted when I do this, and you can imagine the gel could get onto the figure easily. So I used some masking tape rolled up to separate the water dragon from her. 

The sculpt wasn’t without flaw, as with all Yuikishiro kits there’s always something way off. The chest in particular required some reduction surgery although this time not a whole lot could be done. Her face however was pretty obscured by various strands of hair. I know Kanu always have one of her eyes hidden by a bang, but given how hidden her face was I wanted to show a bit of the other eye, so I carved out her resin bang. I also reshaped her front hair a bit to give her eyes more visibility. Can’t say I totally suceed there but it’s much better than before.

There was a terrible mishap when I was finishing the kit. I did some painting on her perhaps 3-4 years ago, and then I dropped the project. When I resume it earlier this year I couldn’t find a whole lot of pieces including her hair and a number of accessories. I searched for it for 3 days and decided it wasn’t worth it, so I ordered another kit :-/ That was a bit devastating. 

I haven’t built a “real” figure for a while so finally being able to complete this kit was pretty nice. 

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  1. Hi cody, love all of your models, the skin tone you achieve is truly impressive. I remember a few years ago you had tutorials and galleries for your mascot models you’d painted. Are these still available somewhere?

    Keep up the good work!

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