Yet More Scopedog?

After I finished the last turbo custom from Bandai, I thought I was done with Scpoedogs. I have a Yamato 1/12 that I dissembled and was going to paint, and got a 1/8 Volks that I finally won via Y!JP auction. In the mean time Bandai offered this Lehman custom that I initially didn’t have much appetite for, since I’ve built the 1/24 version already.

But here we are! It looked like it was not selling very well and well into July I could still order this guy. I also tried Zen Market as my proxy buyer and it has a much better pricing scheme than the overpriced From Japan proxy. These kits are generally easy to build so it’s not such a karma I assume 🙂

I’m also into armor recently and Scopedog gives a pretty good platform for trying out some straight armor weathering techniques. The kit itself turns out to be a mix of many kits in one – it contains sprues from the Red Shoulder Custom (for the left red shoulder armor), Pailsen Scopedog (for the groin joint and ammo), Turbo Custom (for the knee armor, backpack, waist vulcan and rocket launcher), and of course the Lehman’s sprues for the commander antenna and pile bunker. The rocker launcher sprue was quite a pointless addition, plus there are so many spare parts in the turbo custom and Pailsen sprues that you can almost build another scopedog with it! J/K. The most retarded decision for this kit is the Red Shoulder decals – there isn’t one. Bandai refused to offer a custom decal sheet for this kit and so Lehman will be without its insigna. The only way I can justify this is that armor kits tends not to have so many decals, and with weathering there isn’t a huge difference. But man how awful, given this isn’t a cheap kit!

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