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The Making of Kirika

In this article I provide a semi-detailed write-up for my Kirika conversion. This is the first time I try a lot of the materials and techniques, so there are a lot of rough spots. The pages are organized by body parts, but in reality most of the procedures interleave with each other.


The Volks A-Brand Ein kit has the best dynamic gun poses ever for GK girls, and I think it'd make a great conversion base for Kirka. She's from a game Phantom of Inferno. I was originally less ambitious about the project, you can get some Kirika if you just change her face, since Kirka was in school uniform when Noir started.

However I changed my mind about her outfit later. The other problem with the Ein kit is I don't like some aspect of her pose such as her vectical left leg, it kills the dynamics of her upper body. And Kirika never holds a rifle. Who needs a rifle when your handgun has unlimited bullets and you're so good that you never miss ;)

The fun thing about this kit is you get 3 right hands holding, from the left, Desert Eagle 50AE, Walther P38 with long barrel, and a 38 Smith and Wesson (THANKS Wesker ;) ) The left hand is casted with the rifle (Heckler and Koch G3A3 7.62mm, 30 round) in one piece tho, so separating them would be some chore.

Kirika's character design sheet.
When I started I didn't envision this conversion to require changes to almost every part of the body. But in deed Ein is very different from Kirika. I didn't really paid attention at first and missed quite a few of these, eventually led to a lot of reworks.

  • Hair - Ein has less hair than Kirika. Kirika has more sideburns, less above the back of her neck, and a stroke of hair above her nose.
  • Face - Kirika's eyes are slanted downwards and has slightly smaller area. Her iris is even smaller. Her mouth is also smaller than Ein's.
  • Outfit - needless to say it's different. Compared with Ein's sailor fuku, Kirika's jacket has a head cover, pockets and pull strings at the end. It's also longer. The sleeves are fluffier and the cuffs are different. Her vest is longer than Ein's fuku.
  • Skirt - Kirika's miniskirt is completely different from Ein's long folded school dress.
  • Legs - shorter. Kirika's a pretty short girl, not the slender bishoujo type.
  • Socks - shorter
  • Shoes - Kirika wears sneakers, not leather shoes like Ein's.
  • Weapons - Kirika carries a Beretta M-1934, but none of Ein's weapons resembles it.
Shooting with two handguns ala John Woo style is always very cool, so I started from there. Her dynamism can be increased further if I change her bending back to a twisting waist, and have her lower body in a jump-shooting or running pose. So here we go.
Another view. Ein's thighs were flattened in the top sections to fit the dress, hence I needed to fill part of them with Mori Mori.
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