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Making of Kirika - Part 4 / Base

The stone stairs that appeared in the episode forms a small diorama base for Kirika.

I mix sand with Celluclay into a very rough-textured mass.
Using Legos I cast blocks using the mixture.
Even if you don't paint the thing, it looks and feels like granite.
The bed of nails forms the base-base for the stairs.
After a couple of nights of intense heat the guys are kind of solid. I'm sure they're still very mushy inside but at least they don't deform. They became extremely hard, I couldn't work on the pieces without using the dremel high speed saw.
I wrapped Paramfilm around the clear acrylic disc and secured the blocks on top. Then more Celluclay is applied between the blocks to patch up the seams. I also use the high speed saw to make those cement seams between stones. Using Paramfilm was not bright though, the thing melted a little and was quite hard to get rid of.
Static grass is then applied to the places where moss would form, such as the cracks. The base would look pretty good as is, but like they always say on HLJ: "painting would improve the appearance of the finished model" :)
The rocks were washed with dark grey along water-collecting areas and drybrushed with light grey along edges. The stairs is only supposed to be a cross-section, so the sides are bare. I always wonder how the heck can you paint those tiny static grass as Shepard Paine said in his diorama book, but it just works! In fact you really want to paint it because the unpainted grass looks like shredded plastic as they reflect light somewhat.
Lighter shades of green are then drybrushed to highlight the grass more. For the men-in-black who couldn't aim, I created some bullet holes on the stairs. Cast shells are made with brass pipe. I engraved the grooves at the end of the shells with a saw. In retrospect I could've make the stairs wider, but it works good enough as it is.

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