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Making of Kirika - Part 6 / Skirt & Legs

The lower body was part of a huge mess up because I didn't trust my initial instinct about its overly long proportion.


The skirt was actually quite fun to create, though if I had done it right it'd have been easier. First I wrapped the lower body in Parafilm M, and applied generous amount of vaseline and baby powder to the film. Then I rolled two thin sheets of MS and wrapped them around the front and the back of the lower body. In retrospect I should have done it one at a time, which makes the process much easier to control.

The wrinkles in the skirt is also sculpted here.
I then cut the skirt in two halves, and pray that they'll come off nicely.
... and they did. Well kind of. Some tiny pieces were broken off, but a little fixing wouldn't hurt; otherwise the pieces came off pretty clean.
Finally the leg areas. Kirik's shoes are simple red sneakers, so I levelled her soles, removed the details from the original leather shoes, and filled the sock lines on her legs. The sock line is rescribed at a lower place.
The soles of the sneakers were scribed in.
The little flap for her sneakers were small important details :)
Unfortunately after all that's done, I realized her legs were too long! I kind of knew beforehand when the skirts were longer than the character design's, but I thought the longer skirt would fix the problem. Well it didn't and I was really disappointed that pose like this one, which would be very cool if done right, came out looking weird.
So I decided to fix it. With the correct approach this shouldn't turn into a nightmare. First I sawed off her legs from the bottom of the skirt, essentially reducing the length of the skirt. Then I use a flat steel burr to dremel out the parts of the thighs inside the skirt, which allows me to hide the seams joining the thighs. I also cut off her legs from the sock line, eliminating the need to do mid-calve cuts.
The basic idea of the operation. Green is the original outline of the leg. Here I've already cut off a bit of the thigh and reshaped the lower leg.
Here I'm using the back of my xacto knife to remove materials off the area below the calf. This is required because I'm removing from the area in contact with the socks, the diameter of the calf above this area are generally larger. I'm also trying to induce a little curvature on the calf, I thought the original kit was poor in this aspect, which was why her legs were somewhat rigid.
During sanding, it is easy to remove materials off the edges that are supposed to remain. Here I'm protecting the edge of the junction with the sock with a disc.
In the end I realized removing the thigh was actually not the right thing to do. The skirt was too long and the length of the thighs inside made the leg contributed a lot to the long legs. So I put back a little thigh on the leg parts with MS, and instead reduced the length of the skirt by 40%. The shorter skirt took her much closer to the original design. The previous long one was like those policewoman skirts ^_^;;

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