Strike Dog

3993 Introduction

Max Factory



Strikedog is the personal AT of da brat Ypsilon. The special thing about this AT is its claw on its left hand, which also hides a 9mm machine gun; in the show, this gun never runs out of ammo 🙂 I like the Strikedog quite a lot, it has that wild-yet-restrained design.

Kit Review

This is a soft vinyl kit by Max Factory. These kits are great, they’re well-casted and the fit are quite good. You’ll be amazed at how shape the corners are and the amount of surface details possible with even vinyl. The proportion is the best out there, as well as the details. The draw back is very limited mobility – shoulder and hip joints move but that’s about it; but that’s not a problem for me.The antennae are cast in resin.
BuildingNot a difficult kit, I only have trouble with the solid shooter. The ammo boxes on both sides are hollow, so during assembly it kind of sagged inwards, and I had to fill them up with stuff. Since the AT is almost all in blue, a lot of weathering is required so that it doesn’t look uniformly dull. I learnt a lot about drybrushing with this kit, and obtained good results when I settled down on using artist oil for drybrushing. Most of the marking labels are from spare Scopeys, and the V-insigna are airbrushed .