Dusty Cammy

I picked some stone shards from the neighborhood and sifted through to get the right sized debris for the ground work. I created the dust “splash” with celluclay originally, but it has its limitations and the outcome looks like peeled banana skin 🙂 Then I plastered some Mori2 on top to create more spikes, which… Continue reading Dusty Cammy

Setting the base

Wrapped the I-beams with water putty to get some texture, and smoothed them out. The pillars and beams are kind of set, only a couple more or the base would be too cluttered. The wire mesh around the tilted beam is the support for the splash created by the impact of the beam.

As advertised…

… an update! I’m working on the flying Cammy-chan. I’m always bothered by the I-beam she’s using as support, and I think the only diorama that’d fit is something like a construction site. So here we go. The idea is to have her jumping over some collapsing structures, and she just avoided the danger of… Continue reading As advertised…

Flying Cammy

I was partially done with the Yukishiro Cammy and was trying to test fit her against her base (yes I should’ve done it earlier 😀 ). Wow! I didn’t realize she was only hinged to the base via her hand. Now her pose makes more sense to me, and I have some ideas about possible… Continue reading Flying Cammy


I don’t get new kits often these days, but when two cool Cammy’s arrived I’m still quite excited 🙂 This is the masterful Reflect’s Cammy kit. The packaging is just a bit overdone! Loads of empty checkboxes to be filled in for custom declarations, and the famous “Do not ship liquids, blood or fluids in… Continue reading Cammieeeessssss