Flying Cammy

I was partially done with the Yukishiro Cammy and was trying to test fit her against her base (yes I should’ve done it earlier 😀 ). Wow! I didn’t realize she was only hinged to the base via her hand. Now her pose makes more sense to me, and I have some ideas about possible bases to make. Previously I thought she was posing dynamically for the sake of posing 🙂



  1. Aha, so she’s actually jumping over something! Who knew 😀

    She looks awesome. Her butt is something else, I must say. Great sculptor, that Yukishiro 😯

  2. Her butt is a bit too musclar from that angle, but looks pretty good from lower angles. I almost feel sorry to do camo on her legs, they look so nice and untainted right now 😛

  3. You should make her jumping over one of her lesser enemies. Or, maybe something like an old fashioned gaslight street lamp. Something tall enough to show energy and scale, but not something ridiculous like the ledge of a building.

    I agree that her rump is too muscular, but she’s in full race mode, so it makes sense.

  4. I’m going to do something that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time :mrgreen: like extending her current base. Although I’m also pondering whether I can pull off some effects where she’s trying to skip away from a blast. The blast can either be some crumbling walls, exploding earth, or streams of bullet “geysers”.

  5. I like the idea of just extending the base – seems a shame to waste the steel girder and concrete/rock/rubble :mrgreen:

  6. Looks to me like she’s leaping over the rubble to kick some butt.
    As always, fantastic job with the painting, and I agree, it seems a shame to put camauflage on those legs.

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