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I had a long fascination with weathered vehicles, though I did not pick it up again until 2017. I subscribe to Rinaldi’s school of “follow the reference” in my modeling.

M4A3 75mm Sherman from 6th Tank Battalion at Naha Airfield, Okinawa, April 1945

This M4A3 Sherman (build log) from the Company HQ, 6th Tank Battalion is rendered from a few reference photos of ...
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M4A3 (76) W Sherman Thunderbolt VI, winter 1944

This kit is based on Meng's M4A3 with a small number of replacement parts, which was detailed in my build ...
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Meng TS-043 (76) W Sherman

The whitewashed Thunderbolt VI cover of Meng's new Sherman kit got me interested. Ammo's Sherman book has a color plate ...
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Dragon/Platz 6873 Panzer IV Ausf. D

This kit is a simplification of Dragon's Panzer IV lineage. An attempt to make it simple to build, the kit ...
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Panzer III Ausf.M, no.421, 15 PzRg, 11 Pz.Div., Kursk 1943

This tank is the no. 421 with the 15 PzRg, 11 PzDiv at Kursk. Kit used is the popular Takom ...
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Befehlspanther G, Academy 13523

This was the finished Academy Panther G which I earlier reviewed. I built this from a Panzer Aces II profile ...
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Takom Maus V2 1/35

This is Takom’s Maus V2 and I followed the excellent research by Christos (Thanks!) to finish the kit as the initial ...
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M3 Lee Late, Miniart 35214

The WIP post is here ...
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MiniArt Panzer III Ausf C

This was MiniArt 35166 Panzer III Ausf C. The kit I receieved was of a pretty brittle styrene which broke all ...
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2020 Armor year in review

What a year it had been for everyone. With my work going full WFH, I initially thought it was a ...
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M10 Lend-Lease USSR – Academy 13521 1/35

This kit is the courtesy of which I did a build review for. Since this was a sample I ...
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Dragon 6860 Sturmgeschütz III ausf A, LSSAH #5

Finished StuG III with the rather interesting spare track layout. This was one of my earliest Dragon purchase and almost ...
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Dragon 6600 Tiger I Initial Production – s.Pz.Abt. 502 Leningrad Region 1942/3

The excellent Dragon Tiger I line saw this release of the initial batch of Tiger I to sPz. Abt. 502 ...
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Dragon 6844 Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H

To further my practice of weathering I'm doing another Panzer III variant, this time the new-ish Befehlspanzer III ausf. H ...
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Final reveal: Jagdpanther ausf. G1, sPzJgAbt 559, Ardennes, 1944 (Meng TS-039)

The Jagdpanther (Sd. kfz. 173) is a tank destroyer based upon the Panther chassis. It houses the powerful 8.8 cm ...
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Final reveal: Ryefield Model 1/35 Tiger I Late Production: s Pz. abt 505, nr. 312 at Kowel, 1944 summer.

I have painted this kit non-stop for over 2 weeks and it took it out of me. Learned A LOT ...
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Final reveal: Panzerbeobachtungwagen III Ausf. F(Sd. Kfz. 143)

This is my "target practice" model where I try a bunch of weathering techniques on. It's obviously a bit heavy ...
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Panther ausf. D 1/35 from Tamiya

It's the year of the Panther, so this is my second after the Meng's Panther A. I have built a ...
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1/35 Tamiya Sd.Kfz.184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer “Elefant” with ATAK Zimmerit

I started this kit way before the Panther A. Tamiya kits are famous for their engineering and the Elefant is ...
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Black or white? Panther A from Meng again

It seems in the armor modeling world people uses white background for photos. So I re-shot the Panther A's with ...
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Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64A Apache

Apache has been called ugly but I like it a lot. It has that pretty aggressive look and my gaming ...
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Flakpanzer Gepard A2 1:35 from Meng

Of all the tanks the Gepard has a special place in my heart. The twin cannons and the dome range ...
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Panther ausf. A. 1/35 Meng

The first of a few armor models that I've been doing. Honestly I was more of a modern armor fan ...
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  1. Hi Cody,

    I really like your work.

    I’m currently building a Dragon StuG Ausf E. I want to construct a fence-type thing on the back for stowage, like what you have here with your Ausf A. Can you tell me a little more about how you built it? I don’t have a lot of experience with scratchbuilding.

    Thanks a lot.


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