2020 Armor year in review

What a year it had been for everyone. With my work going full WFH, I initially thought it was a golden opportunity for lots of modeling. The compulsion however rapidly deteriorated as I underwent some changes in how I approach life, and see the role of hobby evolved. I still enjoy building kits, but I have gotten a new appreciation of it. 

Still I managed to build 7 armor kits. 7… while I curbed my kit purchases later in the year I still have bought a lot more than I’ve built, yikes. I posted more on Track-link especially in the build logs so I didn’t post as much on my own site. 

There was a build-a-photo contest kit I built for Track-link and won a prize, a Panzer VI Ausf. F1 using Border Model’s kit. 

In Feburary I finished a MiniArt Panzer III Ausf C for a fancy training vehicle. The plastic quality was pretty horrible and I didn’t enjoy the build at all.

In March I did Thunderbolt VI, Creighton Abrams’ ride during Battle of the Bulge. I really liked my figure works and whitewash, but in retrospect my gears were lacking variations.

In June I won another Track-link contest hosted by Asuka. For this contest I researched a lot of Shermans in PTO, and wanted to build more of these fancier variations in the future. I went with a less ambitious one in Okinawa, still a ton of work to get all the weathering done and figures done well. I was very happy with the finish and the kit won the first prize.

This German Maus V2 was in a semi-finished state for a long time. It was not an easy paint job due to the blandness of the surface and my compulsion to create visual interest. It was a fine finish but could’ve done better and more effectively. Will be building the “Frankenmaus” captured by the Soviets later.

I did a Track-link review of the Vespid 1/72 Maus in the same paint scheme. A real challenge for me. 

In September I did a build review of Takom’s reviled Panzer III Ausf M. It was a more difficult kit than it should be, and I spent a lot of time messing with figures and fit. 

Finally I managed to finish a MiniArt M3 Lee Late in time for Christmas, depicting a very warm war photo. 

In the meantime I also completed some Gunpla kits, including a Deepstriker that took me forever to finish, the MG FAZZ, HG Getter Dragon, HGUC Gouf revived, an MG Zaku Warrior Lunamaria, a Mega HG Mazinga, an MG ReGZ Custom  and an MG Kyrios. Not a bad yield for those!

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