Dragon 6600 Tiger I Initial Production – s.Pz.Abt. 502 Leningrad Region 1942/3

The excellent Dragon Tiger I line saw this release of the initial batch of Tiger I to sPz. Abt. 502 of interesting variants. I first bought the excellent book by Volker Ruff Der Tiger vol. 2 detailing the exploits of 502, and the yet-standardized Tiger was quite captivating. The kit included a sprue to create 3 vehicles shown in the book, with the cover Nr. 100 vehicle. Its special configuration has two stowage boxes on either sides of its turret, kind of like the “Dumbo” character. And true to that, it was one of the first Tigers captured on 17/18 January 1943, slightly damaged during combat but could not be recovered, hence was left in the battlefield and towed away by the Russians, paraded and studied.  

My goal of this build is to replicate the vehicle as shown on this photo. When I get more enthusiastic about figures I’ll rebuild the full scene, but for now I’ve put it in a snowy vignette. 

The camo looked very ad hoc with the crew appear to roll the white wash on. I originally pondered hand painting the white wash on to replicate the crudeness of application, but eventually decided it’d look as if I’ve done a bad job painting myself so I went with AB + chipping. 

The hard edges using chipping wasn’t very successful, so I had to do a bit of oil painting to fix. Getting some advice from Michael Rinaldi on the nature of paint opacity, the photo was showing thinner white wash layer on the turret compared with hull sides, and the fenders seems to have snow rather than white wash and was much more stark. 

I used a bit of artistic license on the spare tracks here, as the original had more white, but wanting a bit less monochrome I opted to have more rust on them. 

The smoke discharger had some helmets hanging off it so I added them. 

The exhausts are quite distinct with two chimmeys sticking out. 

The main inaccuracy of my build are the tow hooks, which according to David Bryden have small eyes, but it was too late to fix. 

I used the DS tracks for this build. I’m not a fan of them, but this Tiger has handed tracks which is quite rare, and rather than buying metal tracks for them I decided to go with them. Usually they got flac for not simulating sags well, but that’s the least of its problems. The rubberly nature of the tracks means its a bit more work to shove pigments into them. Also when paint flake off it’s often quite difficult to fix. Also when I place it on the vignette it deformed which was not ideal. 

The markings on the tank was rather faded and I applied quite a bit of oils to tone it down. 
The snow is done with Precision Snow’s krycek crystals. I was trying to use them to level the surface I made with Sculptamold, but I think that doesn’t work too well and stll looks a bit rugged following the original relief. The Sculptamold also warped a bit which was unexpected. 

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