Dragon 6844 Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.H

To further my practice of weathering I’m doing another Panzer III variant, this time the new-ish Befehlspanzer III ausf. H. There is a very similar DAK variant 6901 that I’ll be building later as well. 

I’m using the decal options for Panzer regiment 35 with the “BÄRENFÜHRER” or dancing bear insigna. Only after almost finishing the kit was I able to find an actual photo of the subject, which was found near Kaljakorowsk 1943. 

It was then I realized the insigna was in red and I tried replicating the OVMs as much as I can with what’s on hand, but I’ve already done too much mud to redo everything with snow. I did add the front right toolbox and the spare wheel on right back. 

The tracks are from R-models. I started the kit as a practice but the Dragon tracks were oddly not fitting – I got the 36cm tracks and this kit needs the 40cm, so reluctantly I used my first set of metal track on this. The Jeweler’s blackening solution worked really well for blackening the track. The kit didn’t indicate how many tracks on one side, I’ve got 88 from the web but it was too much slack, so I took two away for 86. I suppose taking another one or two would make this more taut. Either way I love metal tracks now and I can see their allure, even though it’s almost as expensive as the tank itself. 

The kit has quite of bit of interior details so I decided to do an open hatch config for it, though it’s a bit hard to capture the innards without some flash into the compartments. 

For this kit I decided to configure it with an extended antenna. From my Actung Panzer book the pole is rigged, which makes sense as the crew needs to be able to collapse the pole with those riggings. 

On the back I added a few stowage. The boxes came straight from the photo though it must have been a much bigger box. The tent and bucket were from another reference photo I saw in the AP back pages. The bucket is fun hanging off the antenna frame. The AP book was also useful in identifying those support beams for the frame were made of wood. Makes sense for isolation I suppose. 

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