Panther ausf. A. 1/35 Meng

The first of a few armor models that I’ve been doing. Honestly I was more of a modern armor fan than WW2 German, and I had trouble understanding the appeal of it. But as I grew to understand a bit more about the space it seems to have a few things going for it: first, the designs are really intriguing. German designs are rather interesting and varied, unlike the Allied which is bit monotone. Plus the many varied camoflauge brings a lot of colors. Not to mention being at war, people can go pretty wild with weathering, and there are many terrains and weather to put vehicles in. So I’m hooked!

This particular kit is a pretty new one from Meng. It’s not a bad kit except for the track, and there are many reviews of it so I’m skipping. The best feature of the kit however was the many variants you can build given all the accessories Meng included in the kit, and I chose No.135, 1st Battalion, 31st Panzer Regiment, 5th Panzer Division, Wehrmacht, Kowel, Poland, June 1944. This tank has a more greenish camo tone, with a spare wheel attached to the turrent and the little devil insigna of the 31st regiment. 


The figures are from the latest Tamiya Wehrmacht figure set which is very high quality, including a decals for the sleeves and collars. Most of the ausf. A Panthers have Zimmerit and I’m using Meng’s decals. It’s doing a decent job and allowed chipping, but it falls a bit short around the machine gun port. 

I like putting tanks in a vignette because it gives the weathering context, and here put DAK clay onto a wooden plaque to create the terrain. It was a big mistake however because moisture in the clay warped the laminate. It stopped warping after a month, after which I used Mori Mori to fill the huge gaps. 

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