Setting the base

Wrapped the I-beams with water putty to get some texture, and smoothed them out. The pillars and beams are kind of set, only a couple more or the base would be too cluttered. The wire mesh around the tilted beam is the support for the splash created by the impact of the beam.


  1. I dig the I-beams and rubble. Is there any chance you can make the base smaller? It seems like balance-wise, the base kinda overpowers the figure. Maybe a smaller platform with the beams jutting out would make a more dynamic presentation? Anyways, killer stuff as usual… and… welcome back 😉

  2. The base is a bit on the big side :mrgreen: I think both the bright unpainted beams and the lack of Cammy’s braids worsen the perspectives too. Let me work these two things out and we can see if it still looks too big. I probably tried too hard to get every objects encapsulated inside a rectangle.

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