I don’t get new kits often these days, but when two cool Cammy’s arrived I’m still quite excited 🙂
This is the masterful Reflect’s Cammy kit. The packaging is just a bit overdone! Loads of empty checkboxes to be filled in for custom declarations, and the famous “Do not ship liquids, blood or fluids in this packaging” warning on the side 🙂
I’m planning to alter her so that she’s in her Delta Red costume. Always like it better than her Shadowloo one.
IMG_1083.jpg IMG_1086.jpg

The second one is Yukishiro’s Cammy, which is pretty rare since he only issued it once. This kit is also special in that it doesn’t have his usual “great pose, wacked face” problem that his other kits like Mai, Chunli and Vanessa have. I’ll work on this one first. I don’t yet have any good mod/diorama ideas for her though, so suggestions are welcomed.


  1. Yes, Reflect does make some beautiful stuff. I think the red works better also.

    As for the Yukishiro Cammy… I don’t know. I gues you could look at it two ways. First, is she attacking with a punch? Or is she blocking with her fist? It’s probably just me, but those braids look goofy. Maybe there’s a screencap somewhere with her braids all “horned out” like that.

  2. Interesting, I thought the braids are fine. The only problem I find with the kit is her left hand holding on to the scrap metal she’s standing on, making her a bit too twisted. Perhaps I should post a better shot of her (photo from WF) so that people can see her better.

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